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Senior Sessions

Seniors are new beginners. This is a mile marker none of us forget and the one photo we tend to mark as our "Prime" time in life....it's that beginning thing. Senior Sessions are a celebration of Life. Your High School Senior has grown from that snuggler of a babby throuugh the curious got-to-touch-everything stages through awkwardness and on to independence... and is now looking adlthood full in the eyes with that challenge of exploration you as parents have so prepared them for.

Let's mark this celebration of Life! Your style. Your way! Let's show the world WHO you are and WHO you want to be! Contact Us NOW!

Family Sessions

Families move and grow so quickly.The addition of one tiny person changes the entire dynamics is such a way we rarely imagine until that addition is actually in or midst. Families change a lot over the course of a year. Baby's first year is amazing in and of its self. the change from sleepy time snuggler to crawling curious little creeper who creeps into your heart, your kitchen and is suddenly a marathon runner sprinting from one room to another leaving laughter and chaos throughout a day of Joyous celebration we just want to hang onto as Moms... Let's catch all those snugglers, creepers/crawlers and marathon runners ...all those joyous moments that live in a mother's heart for eternity.... especially when those little ones suddenly thin they are way "too cool for Mom hugs".

Children's Sessions

Children and Tween Sessions are great.

Children have the most creative imaginations! I love kid shoots in costumes! Halloween is a great time to do a shoot in their new costume and watch that imagination blossom so giganticallly!

Tweens have a self-discovery happening that works great for their personal Sessions. They are just trying to discover who they are. That is a lot of work for any of us. And to watch that come out in a photograph helps them with their self confidence. Such a blessing to see.

Newborn Sessions

Babies are the BEST thing EVER! So sweet, cute, cuddley, and all you want to do is hold them forever. Newborn sessions allow your most precious little bundle to stay little for a long time. They do grow SO FAST!

Weddings and Receptions

Weddings, receptions and engagements are very big and very personal. I have had the pleasure to celebrate with some very special Brides and their Families over the past few years. I would love to say a great BIG THANK YOU to All who have invited me to be a part of such a special Celebration:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Partin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Slater
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mandrell
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vang

Community Events

Community Events are a wonderful way to get to know neighbors and friends in your area. We have been invited to photograph a few of the local events in our community as well..

  • Coweta Chamber's Pageant
  • Wagoner County Emergency Management Expo


There are a lot of community festivals to attend in and around the Tulsa area.

  • Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in Muskogee, OK
  • Norman Renaissance Fair
  • Dia de Los Muertos
  • Several held at Gutherie Green
  • Rooster Days

Company and Non-Profit Events

Many companies have annual events. A few occassionss might be the celebration of its long term employees, luncheons, annual picnic, new board members, etc.

Whatever your company is celebrating, we would love to be a part of it.

A few we have been invited to photograph over the last few years are:

  • MTH&LA Food Festival
  • SJS Hospitality's Employee Appreciation Luncheon
  • Breast Cancer of Tulsa
    • Breakfast Fundraiser
    • 5k run at Mohawk Park
  • Concerts

Personal Events

  • Birthdays/Anniversaries
  • Reunions
  • Weddings, Receptions, and Engagements
  • Photo Restorations
  • Coming of Age Celebrations
  • If you can celebrate it, we can photograph it.


  • Life Style Sessions
  • Senior Sessions
  • Event Photography
  • Photo Restorations
  • Cosplay Sessions
  • Business Sessions
  • Company Events/Headshots


"I don't normally take time to do reviews, but when I am so impressed with someone's work and their professional quality of work...I just have to spread the word! If you need a photographer who is fun and really knows her way with a camera, then I recommend Misha's Photography and Restoration for any and all occasions!"

Kevin B. - Kartoons by Kevin


"She restored my High School Graduation photo. Awesome Job!"

Vicki G. - Photo restoration needed


"Micheal did my wedding photos and did a tremendous job!! She is very professional and it shows in her personality, attitude and quality of her work! What ever type of session you are looking for, I would recommend Misha's Photography and Restoration!"

Aly P. - Photographer needed