Let's have your Portrait made.

Life is an adventure. Don't forget to share it! Photos make sharing easier, and help to relive the memories later. We do family portraits, senior portraits, and individual portraits. Individual portraits can be a half session which is half an hour and can be used for a business photo session or a regular short and sweet portrait session.

Mothers Day Generation Photo

Generation Portraits:

These are great Holiday gifts!

They can be composited together for that special surprise or a session can be put together.


Senior Sessions!
New Possibilities!

Let's visit Rt 66

Family Sessions!
$75 to $125
Family Session Pricing is determined by group numbers and time needed.
New Born Sessions!

Please call and let us help you set up your ideal session. Pre Session consult is important to insure You get the most from Your session.

Prints are not included in the pricing above.  

Pricing above includes travel time, session time, post processing time, administration & a follow up meeting to view the photos from your session.

We are currently making appointments for Spring and Senior Sessions. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.

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Photography is a great way to share memories, moments, and family. We do Portraits, Events, and Art style photography. Let us assist you with any and ALL of YOUR Photography ideas.

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Web Design

Photography helps make Your website unique to you. IF you would like to join others in building a place of your own in Cyber Space, we would love to be part of your adventure. Contact Us.

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Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration has been around for a while. Photographs get damaged in floods, fires, and with age. Sometimes this can be corrected so that those photographs can be shared with the next generation. Let us help you keep family from previous generations around to share with your children and theirs by keeping old photos around.

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