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What Story Would YOU like to share with YOUR Audience.? You deserve the ability to put YOUR story in front of YOUR Audience the way YOU think it should be done. These services are hard to find. I know. I have looked for them myself. Having found little available, I have decided to offer those services in my community.

Personal Brand Photography is YOU!

You as a business owner, NEED to be able to capitalize on Newsletters, Blogs, Social Media. As such, it is not always possible for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to play EVERY role in a business. Allow me to assist you. I would love to be the service provider for your photography needs!

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Personal Brand YOU

Here is how it works:

FIRST: Contact Me

Seriously!. Fill out our contact form and CLICK SUBMIT. Get in touch with me with your questions and I will get back to you within 48 hours.


SECOND: Book With Me 

I will send you more information after your initial contact. Once you have that, simply give me a shout and let's get started.


THIRD: We set up The Consultation

Video Call via skype, Phone Call, In-Person-- Technology let's both of us value our time and efficency. Your time is valuable, I don't want to waste it. You should expect to brainstorm ideas, locations, as well as other details. This brainstorming will be part of me getting to know you and your goals, visions, & needs up close--which is essential for telling Your story Your way. When we get your stories finalized, we will then set up your session date and bring your story to life..


FOURTH: We do ​The Shoot

For your session our goal is to create a library of images for you to use as needed for the month or quarter, depending on your plan. We will be shooting formal portraits, lifestyle images, candids, and details all within each story you want to tell your audience. ​You may need more or less images to start with, so the length of your photo session may vary, but the planning time will help make it as quick as possible. ​​Again, Your time is valuable to you AND me.


FIFTH: YOU Get Your Images

After the session your images will be ready to view in 2 weeks at the most. Once edited, your story session will be uploaded to an online gallery. I will contact you with the link (as arranged in our planning session) and you can immediately choose which images you would like to have.



​Story Packages start at 30 images for 3 months - with more options available.
+ add Travel expenses and I'll Come to You!

​​Smaller, non-Recurring Packages through Larger Quarterly Packages available!

We Love Small Businesses! When they grow, the Community grows.

​Let's customize a plan for your needs.


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Personal Brand Photography

This is YOUR story as a Business Owner and Entreprenuer... Told YOUR way through Photography. What Story does YOUR Audience want to hear? What story do YOU want to share? Contact Misha's Photography NOW!

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Portraits help us hold on to those stages in life that go by so fast. The Senior Portrait, the Family Portrait, the Wedding...all of these are things we hold dear when it comes to preserving our Family and our Lives. Let's have some fun sharing those Precious Moments!

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