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Adventure is the spice of Life. We all have a destination and the journey is most of the fun. It's the time along the way where you get to know people and see different places. I am all about new people and new places. The world is an exciting place and the realms you can visit (and even some that are imagined) and the people that share them make it all worth while.

Photography is my dream job. Why? Why not? I love people and places. Imagination makes the world go round. Photography is used in everyday life to the exciting stuff behind the scenes of so many industries and products that it can't be anything other than amazing! It also helps a mother re-visit her child's precious moments...and a dad to remember all those moments of laughter and love that sneak up you and then disappear before your very eyes.

We use photography to document our every day life. Do you capture the sunset of an evening or maybe the sunrise as you leave of a morning? Did you post a snapshot of your favorite dessert from that holiday party yesterday (or last week)? How about those "first day of school" posts of the kids as they walk out the door? Or the video of your dog or cat that was just too hilarious not to share...

We use photography to help design book covers, marketing materials for every industry under the sun. We get business portraits made for our business cards and (or) our LinkedIn profiles. Driver's licenses and passports require photos.

We document special events in our lives like baby's first birthday with a "smash cake" session. We can't leave out the most sought after event photographer "the Wedding Photographer". There's Company Picnics & Family Portraits which are all important for those holiday cards you are getting ready to send in November.

Photos help us share our lives with those who are far away, with those who are not so far but get so busy, with those who missed out on loved ones of the past. Share your life. Share your memories. Share your adventure.

How can photography not be a dream job?

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