Meet Misha Lowther, Your Photographer.

Hello. Welcome to my life's Adventure! Photography has been a hobby and a job and now a career

  1. I got my first taste of photography as a child. There was always a camera around... but I was always in front of the camera.
  2. Married a US Navy Guy.
  3. Graduated High School
  4. Got a contract with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency
  5. Became a Mom
  6. Couldn't put down the 35mm camera for the next lifetime...then digital came along!
  7. Got into Graphic Artistry
  8. Attended modeling school
  9. Became a Mom again
  10. Continued creating as a hobby
  11. Got a business degree
  12. Got a job as a sports photographer.
  13. Got a job as a graphics designer
  14. Went back to school for Marketing (Graduated)
  15. Started Mishas Photography
  16. My Son Graduated
  17. Now my Daughter Graduates what's next?


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Personal Brand Photography

This is YOUR story as a Business Owner and Entreprenuer... Told YOUR way through Photography. What Story does YOUR Audience want to hear? What story do YOU want to share? Contact Misha's Photography NOW!

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Senior/Family Portraits

Portraits help us hold on to those stages in life that go by so fast. The Senior Portrait, the Family Portrait, the Wedding...all of these are things we hold dear when it comes to preserving our Family and our Lives. Let's have some fun sharing those Precious Moments!

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Misha Lowther ~ Photographer

Daughter. Mother. Wife. Sister. Friend. Photographer. Bird Lover. Animal Lover. Camera Addict. Girl Next Door.

Creative. Imaginative. Enthusiastic. Dreamer.

Who am I?

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